EU Directive (2000/79/EC): Working Time Of Mobile Staff In Civil Aviation

12 Sep 2023

The EU Directive (2000/79/EC) highlights the minimum standards for working time in the civil aviation sector, as it implements an agreement between the main employer and employee organisations representing management and labour in the civil aviation sector at European level. The agreement was concluded on 22 March 2000 and caters for the organisation of working time of mobile staff in civil aviation.

It provides for a number of benefits to mobile staff in civil aviation including:

  • a maximum annual working time of 2000 hours in which the total flight time shall be limited to 900 hours, spread as evenly as possible throughout the year;
  • at least 7 local days in each month and at least 96 local days in each calendar year, free of all services, notified in advance, which may include any rest periods required by law;
  • at least four weeks of paid annual leave which may not be replaced by an allowance in lieu, except where the employment relationship is terminated;
  • a confidential free health assessment which may be done within the national health system before employees commence their role, and then at regular intervals;
  • appropriate mobile or non-mobile day work, where possible, for the staff who suffer from health problems due to the fact that they also work at night;
  • the employer must adapt the work to the employee;
  • appropriate health and safety protection to the employee taking into consideration the nature of the work;
  • adequate protection and prevention services or facilities with regard to the safety and health of mobile staff in civil aviation will be available at all times.

The Directive highlights that member States may introduce more favourable conditions than the one laid down by it.

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